Car shows are one of our favorite events. They have so many posibilities. Of course the girls can pose with cars and people. It goes much further than that though.We can set up a tent where the girls can sign autographs and distribute promotional items of your choice. The promotional items can be sold or given away as a customer appreciation. Such items include calendars and photos of the girls. Photos can be taken and processed on site. We can shoot them to the preference of your guests, who can take their pictures with them Under the proper circumstances this is an event that can be negociated at no cost to you. We will make our money from those attending.



 Here is an event that always attracts a lot of attention. It is a challenge that few can pass up. We provide the tank and the girls. This high profile event lends itself to many scenarios. Free throws can be given to customers making a purchase and a discount can be offered to people that successfully dunk one of the girls. You can charge people to throw and collect the proceeds. We are also open to running the booth and splitting profits where there is a large event involved. That means there is no risk to you.


 Grand openings are another hit. Our girls can serve as hosteses.They can do things like greet your guests, pass out promotional items of your choice, the posabilities are endless. All of our models have fun and outgoing personalities. They are a welcome addition to any type of event. They can wear anything from your company uniforms to swimsuits. Our girls are always classy and entertaining


 Weather you are looking for a touch of class or a slice of cheesecake, our ladies can provide that extra element to make your event more fun and memorable. The girls love this sort of event. They can mingle with your guests and provide hospitality. They can run aspects of your event such as passing out food or beverage. This sort of event is also a good place to run a photo booth. Taking pictures of guests and processing them on site. We can take everything from family portraits to cheesecake pictures with the girls. It's all up to you and your guests.


We always enjoy festivals. Want to promote your company at a festival. This is another area in which we can help. Our models are great at attracting attention. They can stay at your booth and act as representatives for your company. They can mingle through the croud and pass out samples of your product. Or promotional items geared to raising awareness of your product. Weather you are selling goods or a service, our girls will attract the kind of recognition you need.


 These are great for nightclubs and and the like. Advertise a bikini contest and invite your customers to participate. We will send as many mosels as you wish. This will insure that there are participants even if none of your customers compete. Girls can be bashful about signing up if there don't seem to be enough girls participating. You can promote the event any way you wish. We can design and provide flyers and posters to help promote your event. Our full color flyers and posters are a big attention getter. Many people holding such an event offer a prize for the first place winner or first through third place winners. We usually offer a free portfolio shoot, done in our studio. We have great interest in these contests as they also serve as a model search for us. The models love them because they are usually good exposure for them.


 This is a fun promotion with great posibilities. Weather it is a live sporting event or a party to watch a telecast event, our models are just the thing to liven it up. They can arrive dressed as cheerleaders and enhance your event in numerous ways. They can cheer for your team. They can sell raffel tickets or run pools. They can act as additional waitresses for a larger than usual crowd. This is another event where a photo booth is a great idea. It's all up to you. They can autograph pictures of themselves. They can sign calendars of themselves. We can videotape your event in 3chip digital video then produce edit and create a video on VHS or DVD that you can sell to comemorate your event.


 If you are planning to attend a trade show, we are can be helpful in countless ways. Our models can arrive early to be briefed on your products and or services. If your product is simple the girls can act as spokespeople for it. They can talk to potential clients about the benefits of your goods. Their energetic enthusiasm is a great way to raise awareness of your goods or service. Perhaps your product is to technicle or involved for the girls to gain a quick knowledge of it. They can still draw the attention you require. When your trained reps are busy with other potential clients, they can keep the attention of your unassisted potential clients. They are great conversationalists and are just the thing to keep folks lingering till you can get to them.


 Have you recently taken on a new product line? Would you like to let your regular customers know about it? Have us send a model to your place of business. She can stand at the dood as a greeter and tell people all about it. Perhaps you would like her to pass out free samples. She can then direct your customers to the location of the goods or one of your reps that can assist them further.


 Motorcycle dealers, have we got a deal for you. Lets talk about the full gambit. Are you planning a customer appreciation event? Bikers love our ladies. This is a great spot for all of our services. The girls have a great time at these events because they can participate on so many levels. These events lend themselves so well to bikini contests. Our photographers can attent to capture both comemorative photos of the event as well as to run a custom photo booth. Lets face it guys there is no event better suited for a dunk tank. Bikers love to dunk a pretty girl. If you are a motorcycle dealer planning a bab b que, a show, an open house or just a big party, you just have to involve us. Under the proper circumstances this is another event that can be negociated at no cost to you. We will make our money from those attending.